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Event Logo Design

Just give me the burger, hold the ‘old fashioned’

Wendy's New Logo deletes much of the brand in search of the 'new'.

Is less really more? Just askin’

Is less really more? Just askin’

Wendy’s branding hasn’t changed in decades, which I think was partly the point. So here’s the new logo. I can’t help but think it is somewhat less than the old, simpler yes, but a bit pedestrian as a design. I haven’t seen the new restaurant interiors (I’m a drive-thru guy), but from tis article they are a great improvement and an overdue, required answer to McDonald’s great new stores. I have to admit the typography is lost on me and I’m a fan of relaxed scripts. Judging from the responses to this article in ADWEEK¬†reviews are mixed. but this does not do the ‘best burgers anywhere’ justice I’m afraid.

Apple’s great running gag . . .

Laurel and Hardy. Burns and Allen. Abbot and Costello? How about… Mike Nichols and Elain May? Well, there is a little bit (at least) of Penn and Teller in these remarkable commercials. You know, comedy with that little bit of extra bite. No pun intended. Really.
Here’s a set of commercials that not only heralded the Apple renaissance, but in a remarkable twist in the marketing script, caused one in PC’s too. Apple’s still running, and no ordinary ‘pc’ has caught up yet. See the whole run at Adweek courtesy of Tim Nudd.

. . .with mac guy and the hapless pc.

So much has been said about Mac’s commercials, starting with ‘1984’ and moving swiftly (or so it seems in retrospect) to the candy swirls of iMacs dancing. More recently, Apple morphs into breezy, fresh Fiest singing “One – Two – Three – Four…” So simple. Just another revelation.
Starring John Hodgman and Justin Long, all 66 ads were directed by Phil Morrison of Epoch Films for TBWA Media Arts Lab. Canadian indie star Fiest got a significant kick out of the whole iPod thing too.

Seamless design from handheld iPhone to iPad display,

Andrew Revitt’s site reflexively resizes and redistributes itself to show the viewer the correct configuration. From single to double columns, the site seems almost casually right, perfectly fitting each display.

To me, a proud ‘classically trained’ designer, who approached web design from legibility and usability viewpoints, I see now that my fundamental, but not unconscious stance remained with print. Even the word ‘layout’ stems from the type, font and press world of magazines & newspapers of the ink on paper variety. I still love print, hell I just finished a beautiful annual report, but for those looking for it’s death, here’s yet another nail.

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Seamless design from iPhone screen to iPad display
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