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Use testimonials to reduce online skepticism.

Testimonial Infographic: 7 ways to use real stories by real people to bring potential customers to trust.

Nobody believes anything anymore. Even back in advertising’s golden age, trust was the overwhelming issue. Today, of course, much worse.
Infographic Design: The Complete Collapse of Trust

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Do you ooze social charisma and charm?

To hear Bryan Kramer tell it like it is, the Social Media Strategist is a multitasker, perfectly adept at speaking, writing and generally looking and typing great as he juggles hats like someone on the old Ed Sullivan show… if you get that reference you may not get Tweeting and Tumbling as well as Brian.

A great, wise read at Social Media Today.

Facebook: Auto Fans Have More Friends.

Todd Wasserman at Mashable Business tells this story that car freaks (my words) hang out together. Reminds me of high school where ‘people who love cars’ were inseparable. Also amazing: “Meanwhile, Facebook also had some encouraging news for brands in the wake of last month’s Timeline switchover.

Two auto brands, Ram trucks and Ford Mustang, saw increases of 291% and 52.6%, respectively in their People Talking About stats, a key measure of engagement.” What’s going on here?

Social Media Guides 1 in 4 to Purchase

And she told two friends, and he told two friends, and …
Social Media is all about sharing and sharing information about good and bad products drives a lot of shopping as this graphic report from Social Labs maintains.

A Meaningful Plan for Social Media Goals

7 Tips to Take Social to the Next Level Well, here we are in 2012, and social media is all the rage… but NOW WHAT? Here’s an intelligent answer to that question from Erick Mott at iMedia Connection. As we all thought many years ago… content is king.

A fascinating B2B social media success story

nullHere’s a pretty neat success story in an off-0the-beaten-track location: Overseas shipping. Mark Schaefer presents easy to read, well laid out content that walks the reader through just how ‘ShipServ’ went about hitting their targets in an early experiment that worked. From the ‘grow’ website.

Already, the ‘complete’ Google + catalog of videos

Now the whole google+ saga is available on video. This, just a couple of weeks after google+ launched, it’s social media foray is ready for it’s ENTIRE SAGA to be told. Will this be the Twitter and Facebook ‘giant killer?’ Find out now. Go here. Coming soon to a coffee table near you: GOOGLE in Pictures, 2011, Limited Edition. Just my little joke. No offense to you, big Goog. ;-)

The Leading Edge of Healthcare

As broadband and mobile access spreads, more people have the ability – and increasingly, the habit – of sharing what they are doing or thinking with other like-minded internet citizens. In health care this translates to people tracking their workout routines, posting reviews of their medical treatments and raising awareness about certain health conditions.
These are not yet mainstream activities, but there are pockets of highly-engaged patients and caregivers who are taking an active role in tracking and sharing what they have learned. Again, check out The Social Life of Health Information by Samantha Fox from Pew Internet. “I know, and I want to share my knowledge” is the leading edge of health care.

The Default Setting for People with Health Questions

Just one of many enlightening conclusions of this study is that most of the people looking for health information on social sites is asking for another, ie a caregiver or relative. But social media is not typically where one might look for health information. If you want to find out who is searching for health lessons online take a look at The Social Life of Health Information by Samantha Fox from Pew Internet. “I don’t know, but I can try to find out” is the default setting for people with health questions

Social Media is a noisy office party, where everyone wants to be heard. Who speaks for the brand?

Marketers increase Social Spending but many wonder ‘WHY’?S Marketers Aren’t Sure About ROI but Will Spend More on Social Media, the World Federation of Advertisers Says. That’s the Advertising Age headline.
“Companies Often Don’t Post Enough or Fail to Express a Brand’s Personality Online” Author Emma Hall goes on to note that logistics seems to be part of the problem, who will measure, let alone who is responsible for the brand when everyone from the internal marketers, to ad agencies, to social media experts is stepping up to be the owner of social media in the corporation. Difficult to hear when everyone’s talking at once.

What Social Media Influence Looks Like

The Web Ecology Project plots robot against robot competing in a week-long Social Media Influencing Contest. The task for “Socialbots 2011” is based on a lead bot, with points awarded for the number of mutual connections with the lead bot and responses they can elicit from the 500 targets that have been generated.
Teams launch their lead bot, as well as any number of supporting bots, to maximize social impact. I found this on Marshall Sponder’s blog intriguingly addressed ‘web metrics guru the’ dot com. If you’re interested in evaluating social media this blog is a must read.

Click to Enlarge Your Social (Media) Circle

Here’s Brian Solis’ Conversation Prism a wheel of social media sites and opportunities, as Brian says, ‘the art of listening, learning and sharing’. Give it a click and a much larger and more legible image comes up that shows the real innovation behind this plus a surprising amount of information. I find it fun to look at the ones I know and use then see others that may be closely related that I have yet to try. A simply beautiful idea. And, of course, Brian’s a guru.

Ernst & Young Sees Big Pharma Embrace Healthcare Innovation, Playing Catch-up to Patients Driving Social Media

Paris, 15 February 2011 – Pharmaceutical companies are dramatically increasing their investments in new and innovative offerings to meet the demands of a patient-empowered, data-driven, outcomes-focused future in health care. In the last year alone, pharmaceutical company investment in smart phone apps, educational websites, social media platforms, wireless devices and other programs increased 78%, as companies embrace a role that goes far beyond developing and manufacturing products.

Taking action to build trust: The industry has seen its reputation decline in recent years.  But much of the activity in Pharma 3.0 will occur in communities such as social media, online networks, and patient and disease groups. These communities have their own rules of engagement – requiring openness, unbiased information, and a foundation of trust. Engaging with stakeholders in these Pharma 3.0 communities in ways that are transparent, unbiased and demonstrative of their intent to improve outcomes will go a long way toward helping rebuild trust. More from E&Y.
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