Just give me the burger, hold the ‘old fashioned’

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Wendy's New Logo deletes much of the brand in search of the 'new'.

Is less really more? Just askin’

Is less really more? Just askin’

Wendy’s branding hasn’t changed in decades, which I think was partly the point. So here’s the new logo. I can’t help but think it is somewhat less than the old, simpler yes, but a bit pedestrian as a design. I haven’t seen the new restaurant interiors (I’m a drive-thru guy), but from tis article they are a great improvement and an overdue, required answer to McDonald’s great new stores. I have to admit the typography is lost on me and I’m a fan of relaxed scripts. Judging from the responses to this article in ADWEEK¬†reviews are mixed. but this does not do the ‘best burgers anywhere’ justice I’m afraid.

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