Mike Beard

I am happy to welcome you to my studio and local brand, Graphic Design in Barrie.

Are you a marketer or small business owner reaching out for fresh-thinking? If so, I invite you to browse around my site.

Frequently, visitors to this site are thinking about branding or rebranding. “A brand is a promise. What’s yours?” I ask. Read what past customers say about me.

In any case prospective customers are taking steps to find a creative partner who ‘gets it’.

As a business consultant, I help my clients discover new ways to delight their customers. I ask “What makes you indispensable? Let’s build on that.”

I offer straightforward ideas, visionary concepts and personal insights honed from 30 years of brainstorming in any number of industries. Here’s my resume on LinkedIn. Bust out blue ocean thinking is contagious!

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-Mike Beard