Camphill Communities Ontario Logo

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Logo Design Portfolio: Camphill Communities Ontario

Here’s the winning design, chosen after an extensive review. After looking at a myriad of logos of creative communities, charities, government events and organizations, even olympic logos, we decided not to go with a ‘gizmo’ as I call them, a graphic that sums up everything about this very different organization. Impossible. This design represents the individual, each a unique multicoloured letter, amongst the group. It is only in its group setting that the individual letters reach their full potential.

Handlettering recalls the hands-on, artistic spirit of the group. Camphill people are challenged adults, living a full life in a country residential as well as a city setting. Being with them makes me feel lucky.
For more information on logo design and brand discovery process, see Logo Design.
For more information see the Camphill Community Ontario web site.