Apple celebrates success with rainbow logo design

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NEW APPLE LOGO DESIGN shows graphic design is a roadmark in success marketing.

NEW APPLE LOGO DESIGN shows graphic design is a roadmark in success marketing.

“Wow” is all you can say about Apple these days. But here’s the visual gift and a bit of a twist on the rainbow theme from the original Apple logos of the not-so-recent past. This one is all digital, button-like but still Apple. By that I mean so cool.  Post from Robert Mead-Greene at Computer Arts UK
Research In Motion where are you??

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  2. I find it a little dsnturbiig how many commenters have made reference to making things look pretty. I think this is demeaning to the profession and furthers us from the idea our title should convey.What about when we make things look ugly? If ugly is what the branding is about, then we make things look ugly — depends on what we are intending to communicate.I don’t think any interesting profession can be summed up in a tweet. Almost every profession is misunderstood to some degree by those outside, but graphic design especially — I think mostly, anymore, because the title has become a misnomer for the array of hats that the creative professional must wear on a daily basis to keep up with the diversity of media that must be designed for. When I am laying out a comp for a website I’m planning to develop for someone, am I wearing my Graphic Designer hat, or my Web Designer Hat? A website is graphic and needs to be designed. Is furniture/clothing design not graphic enough to be considered graphic design? Or is it that furniture/clothing designers have narrowed down what they design into specifics that people can chew on? Is an animator a graphic designer if he uses type and color and design principles to make an opening-credit sequence for a film? If a graphic designer uses motion, is he an animator? Are we defined as a profession by what we know, or by what we make? I tend to present my professional title as something like Print/Web/Interactive Designer, but those are still only a sampling of the hats that I may wear for a particular client. What I tell people, if I’m talking very strictly about my Print Designer hat, is usually along the lines of: Print Designers make the instructions for how all the printed materials you see every day look. I think that the creative profession needs to start specifying what graphic means, before we decide what Graphic Designer means. It was a term that was coined when there were a very limited set of things that could be designed. And should now be deprecated. Maybe I’m a Visual Medium Communication Specialist now . . . heh.

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