Adventures in Branding – Chapter 2

Graphic Design in Barrie

Barrie Ontario population: 125,000

Little did I realize, looking at 40+ houses in Barrie, that it wouldn’t be so much the house but the community of Barrie that would mean so much to me and to my hopes of building a local design business here.

I have found so much openness and raw spirit, in fact so industrious are the people that I have been fortunate enough to have met in my newly adopted environment, that I am refreshed. When planning our move from Aurora to Barrie, further from my original Toronto base and further into the snow belt that is the reality in most of Canada, my wife and I realized I could literally work – anywhere. Cue the orchestra. Freedom at last!! Most of my design work has been local in character, that is small business has been my life blood throughout my career. Perhaps as a precursor, early on I had spent many years working for the home builders of southern Ontario marketing upwards of 30 new home communities from Peterborough in the east, to Barrie and Victoria Harbour in the North to Mississuagua and even Cambridge in the West. In each case illustrating local lifestyles and nearby amenities became a central theme, as proof of concept in my marketing effort.

So when is Graphic Design local? It is certainly a field that demands little in the way of space – just me and my computer really. But innovation is wired into the DNA of what designers do. I believe that good if not great work can be done in unlikely places. What good design needs to thrive is an enthused and open minded community, which I have found in Barrie. It needs competitive spirit which Barrie has in spades. Access to the best of world design is, like so much today, available on the net.

I am doing great work here. Come with me.

  1. Are you for real Mike Beard? While I appreciate the fact that you sound like a lovely person, a graphic designer you are not. In all honesty, after viewing your portfolio, your lack of creativity and complete disregard for all things current or edgy insult the entire creative design community.

    Perhaps instead of critiquing other branding, you focus on actually trying to develop a proper and well thought out logo for one of your clients.

    Just my two cents. Have a nice day.

    • I tried to reply to this via email, but of course the email came back as undeliverable. I guess sniping on the internet while masking your identity is viewed as ‘current and edgy’ by members of certain groups these days. But having a geek (who obviously speaks for the entire creative design community) throw snotty rocks at you online is a right of passage – so I approve this message.

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