“Mike’s talent goes far beyond website design. He really is a master at looking at the overall branding and making sure that the brand connects with your audience. He is artistic enough to create such a brand and then to weave it into the website and the other social media platforms that companies use. This concept can then be easily extended to print and other media.

Mike helped us perform a complete overhaul of our website. Early on in this process, as Mike came to understand our business, he pointed out that our branding did not stand out from our competitors. Mike was astute enough to realize this shortcoming and he was able to demonstrate why he had this concern. It was not obvious at the outset and it takes someone with an eye like Mike to see this.

Mike has a lot of patience and kept us on task to keep the process moving forward and achieve the results that we desired.”

Patrick Bongers, Partner
CedarCoast Timber Homes



“I am so happy with our new look Mike, I think it is so attractive, so clean, so right for us!
Thank you so much for rebranding us. A lot to live up to now!”

Diane Kyd
Camphill Communities Ontario


“Mike and I have I guess what you would call a long distance relationship, in fact we have never met. I knew him because he created our Tack Data branding and site, so when it came time to renew the RCR Technologies web site, I thought Mike would be up to the task. He was. Mike has a great ability to speak directly to executives and his creative ideas enlivened the presentation. His visuals have a way of making technical subjects easier to understand.”

Rob Rutherford
RCR Technologies Inc.



“Mike and I did not know each other, and were assigned to a project with extremely tight timelines. We made the deadline with a quality product, in large part because Mike was a pleasure to work with: he was willing to be flexible and work “on call” to get the job done, had an unfailingly positive attitude, and saw us as a team. Thanks, Mike.”

Judy Irwin
Senior Manager, Communications
Ontario Long Term Care Association

“I had the pleasure of working with Mike in designing OtterWood’s corporate website. He recreated the vision that OtterWood had presented him with and developed a strong, professional, easy to navigate site. What I appreciated the most was the time Mike took to really understand what I needed from the website, and he was always ready with suggestions on improvement. Mike is completely professional and worked extremely hard to produce a website that was tailored to my exact needs. He also provided training on how to maintain and update the website ourselves. I am thrilled with the response I’ve been receiving, and recommend his services.”

– Christine Hughes,President and Chief Investment Strategist,
OtterWood Capital Management Inc.



“MOVING TO BARRIE as a newcomer can be daunting. But Mike Beard has grabbed life in Barrie by the coattails and the community is benefiting.

Mike has brought his generous nature and his divine graphic design and branding skills here… He’s joined a couple of networking groups; he’s signed up for a business program; he’s an active member of the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce.

In short, Mike arrived wearing his pitcher’s glove, not his catcher’s mitt!”

Read Donna Douglas’ entire article, ‘Volunteers Grow a Significant Event’, Barrie Examiner, February 13, 2013


As a marketing expert, Mike understands full well that small, consistent and continual interactions are necessary to establish trust. These personal interactions often define how a consumer will feel about a brand on the ‘gut level’. Mike is also aware that most people need repetition to reinforce ideas and be memorable, while avoiding duplication.
PANtechnicon assigned Mike the somewhat daunting task of re-branding us, not only for our business in Barrie, but also for Montreal and Toronto. We were confident and comfortable with our choice precisely because Mike’s actions had earned our trust.
With Mike, there is no second-rate effort; no settling for mediocrity just to get it done. Getting ahead of others is not what motivates Mike, he is focused on maximizing his creative talents for his client’s satisfaction. He subscribes to the axiom that whatever you do, work at it with all of your heart.
In PANtechnicon’s estimation, Mike is the consummate professional, combining in equal measure a critical and artistic eye with current and contemporary concepts.

– Evelyn Faulk, PANtechnicon, Barrie

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Mike Beard on a number of projects, including both corporate and as a volunteer.
Without exception, Mike’s work has been outstanding. His beyond-the-call-of-duty efforts as a volunteer for the Queen’s York Rangers Association fits this category…
The Queen’s York Rangers Association raises funds to support the men and women of the regiment and their families. As Chair of the 2011 inaugural event, I approached Mike to help with concept development, branding and marketing. He immediately saw the need to support our troops and their families and said “yes.” He devoted considerable time to both the inaugural and 2012 events.
I can honestly say that without Mike’s enthusiastic support, branding insight and graphic design expertise, the levee would not have been the success it was. His branding was identified by many donors as key to winning their support. Countless times Mike was asked to undertake a task outside the scope of his commitment, and he did so without complaint, all in order to make the events a success.
Barrie is fortunate to have a fantastic community development asset in the form of Mike Beard.

– Chris Ballard
Chair, Lt.-Gov. Simcoe’s Levee (2010-2012)
Vice-President, Queen’s York Rangers Association (2010-2013)
Councillor, Town of Aurora
President, CSB Communications Inc.

“We recently started a new company, Tack Data, and we needed a marketing company to work with us to define a strong brand that positioned us well against international, mature competitors. The process that Mike uses fits this requirement exactly and the results were amazing! Our business goals were directly addressed and we are very proud of our new brand.”

– David Fleming, Co-Owner, Tack Data


Mike joined our ‘Community Action Award’ Committee which annually honours someone who has made an outstanding contribution to our community, in the form of a tribute dinner. The 2013 dinner was our first and Mike was an integral part of our committee.
His knowledge and effort was essential and invaluable in creating and developing our brand advertising and all related web and print materials. We could have not have created this level of professional quality without his assistance, and became critical to allowing us to achieve such a successful inaugural event.

– Larry Palmer, Executive Director, Camphill Communities Ontario
See branding for the Camphill’s First Annual Community Action Award, presented to Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman, March 2013.


“Mike Beard has been an invaluable resource in several initiatives that I have undertaken this year. His talent in preparing and donating a logo for our Food Security Coalition was truly brilliant. At the same time, Mike proved his considerable talents by designing marketing material for a major speaking event I produced this spring.”

– Mike Fox, Executive Director, Living Green.
See: Barrie Food Security Group Logo, An Afternoon with Tom Rand poster


“During my time as CMO of PharmaTrust, I came to respect Mike’s competency as a marketer and perhaps more importantly his incredible work ethic. In the often ethereal world of marketing, Mike was a great concensus builder and always ensured good ideas got to market. Mike added significant value in helping establish brand positioning and communication strategy, and almost single handedly re-built a very tired and ineffective web site which was a massive undertaking in branding and copy writing”

– Dan Fox, President and CEO of Viceroy Homes


“I began working with Mike in 2006 to develop and launch our new brand in temperature sensitive transportation, ATS Healthcare Solutions. Mike instinctively knew where to take the look and feel of the brand, understood its technical complexities and delivered the marketing in many innovative ways. His advertising concepts targeting the pharmaceutical community were well conceived and flawlessly executed. Today our division is an overwhelming success, in testimony to the quality and creativity of his efforts. He simply nailed it.”

– Bob Brogan, Senior Executive Vice-President, ATS Healthcare


“I know Mike as an enthusiastic, entrepreneurial marketer in his capacity of brand ambassador for the ATS Healthcare Solutions set of temperature management offerings in the field of Canadian pharmaceutical distribution. His broad knowledge in areas of supply chain and cold chain management coupled with his abilities as copy writer, advertising producer and event coordinator greatly contributed to spreading the ATS message within the wider healthcare community.”

– Micahel Hassan Khadouri, Sales and Marketing,  Int’l Pharmaceutical Academy


“I have known Mike both personally and professionally for quite a few years now. I can attest to his upstanding character, his caring way of going about his business and the unique set of creative skills he brings to his projects. Really a wonderful writer and designer with a grasp of what’s possible in the real world of schedules and budgets.”

– Carol Shell, Manager, Creative Services, Xerox Global Services


“Mike Beard was the consummate professional in an extremely challenging role; building the customer / client relationship between Xerox and Bell Mobility. His insight, professionalism and patience were key in managing the customer as well as his staff. It was a pleasure to work with Mike everyday.”

– Nareefa A.Emir, Studio Manager, Xerox Business Services at Bell Canada & Bell Mobility


“I’ve known Mike since the early dot com days. He is a creative and unassuming professional, very perceptive in his understanding of ebusiness and its culture. From a usability and information architecture perspective, Mike really knows his stuff.”

– A.G. Prinicpal, BI Digital Media


“Mike’s grasp of the communication process stems not only from his ability as a talented designer but also from his facility with the written word. I imgaine it would be quite difficult to find someone with the professional competence in both of these fields to the degree displayed by Mr. Beard. I would recommend Mike wholeheartedly to any person or company that needs or desires to improve their marketing efforts.”

– Brian Forrest, Sales Executive, e-Commerce Inc.