Healthcare Communications: Ontario Long Term Care Association

OLTCA – Healthcare Communications, 2009 – 2014

Long Term Care Advertising
The slogan, ‘WE ARE LONG TERM CARE IN ONTARIO’, worked to position (correctly) the Association as the Province’s largest and most influential of its kind in Ontario. Concept, writing, design, production and print supervision by Mike Beard.
This tagline worked within the realm of healthcare communications not only as a bold declaration enabling the Association to not only brand itself as the largest and , but in the following years worked equally well to identify and applaud the real faces of Ontario’s long term care sector: the workers themselves.
Healthcare Communications: OLTCA Annual Report, 2010
The Ontario Long Term Care Association is Canada's largest senior care organization. Annual Reports and other print and online graphics by Mike Beard, Graphic Design in Barrie.
Healthcare Communications: OLTCA Annual Report, 2013
Healthcare Communications, OLTCA, Annual Report 2013: this latest report was streamlined to reduce print costs, to a letter-sized format. Copies were distributed at the AGM. PDF’s, suitable for emailing as attachments were supplied to stakeholders for printing on officer printers.