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Graphic designers bring brilliant concepts, highly creative skills and illuminating content across a range of media. Business consultants focus on competitive insights and marketing strategies to first identify, then seize business advantage. If we are lucky, breakthrough creative thinking shines through the clutter. I am a big fan of ‘blue ocean thinking’. If you want to displace your competition, give me a call.

Hiring a graphic designer who ‘fits’ is a strategic business idea.

Welcome to Graphic Design in Barrie. My name is Mike Beard. This site shows many of my ‘local’ branding initiatives. I started out as an advertising writer and graphic designer, owning and operating my award-winning studio/agency. Then I jumped into a variety of national creative director roles, top-tier business consulting, industry-specific marketing (I have direct real estate, transportation, health & long term care experience), small business branding and web site design. If it sounds like a lot, it is!
If you are looking for imagination, perhaps blue ocean thinking, here’s a quick introduction. If you bring a business, or your great idea for one, I will absolutely nail your brand.

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Mike Beard, Graphic Design in Barrie, one of the city's best graphic designers.

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